Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you, as a fish out of water hears the waves or a hunting falcon hears the drums come back. This turning towards what you deeply love saves you.


Welcome to Soul Story

Story weaves the visible and invisible worlds together. At the beginning of any good story the inner and outer worlds are split; someone or something has been lost. Story gives us a map on how to weave the broken worlds together. Each time we are able to do this a little more of our deeper potential is uncovered and a little more of our destiny unfolds. Learning how to track our own longing in someone else’s story can help us find our own.

Stories can save us, transform us, encourage us, and inspire us. They are the soul’s desire made manifest. Stories are the longings of our heart in an archetypal painting that holds the key to why we long so deeply for what we long for. If we dare to unravel the true meanings of our heart’s desire. If we risk going deeper into a story’s archetypal message, we can begin to see that the elusive soul mate, the magical wedding, the castle we long to call home and most of all our sacred destinies have simply been lying in wait in a movie, a fairy tale or a novel hoping we would finally hear their call. Then remembering and with courage we can take the leap into the story’s hidden abyss, so that finally we begin to understand that we were ALWAYS boundless…

Soul Story offers the tools to help us understand story not just as entertainment, but as a guide to help lead us deeper within, where we are then able to weave our own soul's longing closer to our heart’s desire.

Welcome! May you find the Story that leads you home…


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Artwork: "Release" and "Celtic Tree" by Carol Buswell