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My Story

I was blessed to have had some truly amazing spiritual experiences in the ‘80s, and while I had always had a deep faith in God, Universe these experiences (which I understood in a very deep way were helping to open up my heart and shift my consciousness) were very hard since they involved a surrendering of my ego and its limited view of the world.  Change of consciousness involves a surrendering; a letting go of the way things are and it very often can be a frightening and confusing time. While there is now thankfully some dialogue and a few books about these "spiritual emergencies" or kundalini awakenings, at the time I could only listen to my heart and spent most of my days down on my knees in deep prayer or meditation.

I moved by the water and felt its healing power and I cried and cried. I began to understand the true boundlessness of the Universe and my heart began to ache for all the sorrow in the world. I wanted to help. I needed desperately to be of service. I began to volunteer where I could. While I knew that what was happening to me was meant to be I was also sorely in need of guidance, but there didn’t seem to be anywhere to turn except to my good friends, A Course in Miracles and through the grace of God the inspiring and always authentic voice of Marianne Williamson. I had no map and had never heard of spiritual emergencies until much later in my journey.

In the midst of my spiritual crisis I was visiting a relative during the holidays and someone was watching the new Disney production of Beauty and the Beast in the den. I stood in the door for a moment to see which movie was playing on the tiny TV screen and as I watched something inside me burst open. I suddenly realized this was NOT just a fairy tale, a Disney creation or a simple movie, I knew in that moment unequivocally and without a doubt it was the map I had been searching for. It was the Holy Grail to my suffering, the crumbs left on the road to help me find my way back.

Hidden inside the fairy tale, myth and story was something deeper and ancient calling me; an alchemical code that needed to be unraveled, and as I followed the story’s call I began to go deeper down the rabbit hole and discover the treasures of my soul and I learned that fairy tales really do come true in the inner world…

I wanted somehow to not only assure others that while their spiritual journey may be difficult it is always worth it, but to, also, help people understand the amazing healing power of the imaginal world.   So after many missteps, aha moments! and listening to my heart, Soul Story was born…

About Me

My greatest longing as a child was to be an actress. At 5 years old I wrote and directed my first play. Using safety pins I covered one of my chosen actors  with monopoly money to yes… symbolize money. (My simple short play centered on the perils of loving the green stuff – really LOL).  Later I would study and receive degrees in both Theatre and Creative Writing. My spiritual experiences led me on an amazing journey of study to understand ancient mythology and its deeper meaning and symbolism. I received a M.A. in Mythology from Union Institute where I wrote my thesis on The Sacred Marriage: An Archetype of Wholeness.



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Artwork: "Release" and "Celtic Tree" by Carol Buswell